livecellx is an end-to-end system for helping users extracting single-cell trajectories from long live-cell imaging data and computing as well as analyzing single-cell features in latent space.

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Please see our manuscript [insert citation here] to learn more.

Key Features

  • Load large livecell imaging datasets on disk

  • Segment and track cells in live-cell imaging data
    • with any popular tools such as OpenCV, SORT, or btrack.

    • with our own deep learning-based segmentation model

  • Correct single cell segmentation on single-cell level in our Napari UI operator

  • Generate cell features

  • Analyze and visualize single-cell trajectories.

Getting Started with livecell

  • Browse the [tutorials/index](<insert tutorials/index link here>) and [examples/index](<insert examples/index link here>).

  • Contribute to the project on github.

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