livecellx.core.sct_operator.create_scs_edit_viewer(single_cells, img_dataset=None, viewer=None, time_span=None, contour_sample_num=20)[source]

Creates a viewer for editing SingleCellStatic objects. The single cells are stored in sct_operators, meaning when the users change the scs in the viewer, the changes will be reflected in the single cell list input.

Return type



single_cells (List[SingleCellStatic]): A list of SingleCellStatic objects to be edited. img_dataset (Optional): An optional image dataset to be displayed in the viewer. viewer (Optional): An optional napari viewer to be used for displaying the image dataset and shapes. time_span (Optional): An optional tuple of start and end timepoints to be displayed in the viewer.


SctOperator: An instance of the SctOperator class for editing SingleCellStatic objects.